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Our Garden Grid™ watering system gives you a planting grid and an irrigation system in one!

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Raised Garden Beds that don't require any tools, and can be expanded!

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With our Raised Garden Kits you can effortlessly start your own Garden In Minutes!

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The Raised Garden Kit, simplified

At Garden In Minutes we simplify the traditional raised garden kit by adding some needed convenience. We think raised bed gardening should be fun, easy, and available for everyone!

To make this happen, we designed our raised garden kits to be assembled in minutes and most importantly - without needing any tools! Our raised garden kit designs use sliding joints and locating pins instead of nails or screws. This technique gives anyone, regardless of skill level, the opportunity to effortlessly build their own raised garden in minutes. Plus, since we designed our raised garden kits this way, you have the freedom to expand or redesign your raised garden kit with ease and with all the creativity you want!
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The Garden Irrigation System, re-invented

Watering and planting a garden should be simple. That's why we invented the Garden Grid™ watering system - a ground level garden irrigation system and raised garden planting grid, in one! Unlike a traditional garden irrigation system such as drip irrigation lines, soaker hoses, and sprinklers - the Garden Grid™ is designed to be neat and orderly, gentle on plants, and most refreshingly - simple to use!

The Garden Grid helps you get started gardening by giving you equal spaced square planting sections. Using these sections you can easily map out where you want to plant  vegetables and flowers in your raised garden kit and assists in making sure you use your planting space as efficiently as possible!

The garden irrigation system piece makes maintaining your garden easier than ever. It gently waters your plants at ground level, keeping your plant foliage and fruit safe from water damage. Unlike other ground level garden irrigation systems, the water flow of the Garden Grid™ is fully adjustable from a drip, for delicate seedlings, to a full stream for mature plants. Much like our Raised Garden Kits, the Garden Grid™ is ready to use in minutes - nothing needs to be cut, nothing needs to be perforated, no tools are needed at all!

Also, since there are no tools needed, the Garden Grid™ effortlessly connects to other Garden Grids. So if you want to expand your raised garden kit, or already have multiple multiple garden beds set up, you can effortlessly have a matching and interconnected garden irrigation system for everything!


Raised Bed Gardening, built on quality.

Along with designing for convenience, the heart and soul of everything we make is built on on our unwavering obsession to build with quality.

Our Garden Grid™ watering system is hand built using FDA approved tubing, commonly found in water purification systems. We've tested it in the brutal summers of south Florida  let it sit through chilly northern winters. It's a durable garden irrigation system and lasting planting grid that stays with you season after season.

"As opposed to using common 3/4" boards, we use 1-3/4" thick cedar timbers"

The cedar timbers used to build our raised garden beds are hand picked, inspected, and cut to make sure they provide a strong, durable build, with smooth assembly. As opposed to using 3/4" boards, we use 1-3/4" thick cedar timbers. This thicker cut provides incredible durability for your raised garden kit that will never bow or break under the pressure of wet soil and will last years longer than thinner raised garden bed boards.

Cedar timbers are naturally rot and insect resistant, making them more durable against the elements. To make them even more durable, we seal our cedar raised garden boards in an eco-friendly soy based wood sealer to give you some added longevity.
We want you to love your garden, not just for a single season, but for years and many crops to come!