Garden Grids

The Garden Grid™ watering system is a convenient raised garden watering system and planting guide in one!

The Garden Grid instantly partitions your garden into equal planting sections and gives you a ground level raised garden watering system, that’s adjustable from drip irrigation, for delicate seedlings, to a full stream for mature plants.
At Garden In Minutes, the first step to anything we make is – Quality – so we decided to build The Garden Grid™ is using FDA approved tubing commonly found in water purification systems!
All Garden Grids™ are designed around convenience as well. No tools are required and they are ready to use in minutes. If you have a larger raised garden, you can even interconnect multiple Garden Grids so you have one independent watering systems for each garden bed that all flows from one water source!

**Do you have corner posts in your raised garden bed? Email us and request corner-less Garden Grids for no extra charge!**
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