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Can Liquid Fertilizer Go In The Garden Grid™

Some Yes. Some No.

If your liquid fertilizer is 100% liquid then you should be fine to use it. However, if the liquid fertilizer has granules in it, we don’t recommend it for two reasons.

Every Garden Grid™ watering system has a built-in mesh filter screen in the white hose connector. This filter screen is meant to keep debris out of your Garden Grid’s™ tubing. If your liquid fertilizer has granules, they will likely collect on this filter screen & prevent water from flowing into the Garden Grid™, requiring you to regularly clean the screen off. If the granules are small enough, some may pass through the filter. However, you don’t want that either because they may collect over time in the Garden Grid™ & may eventually cause water flow issues. 

So if you plan to use liquid fertilizer in your Garden Grid™, make sure it’s completely liquid & you’re good to go! 🙌



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