How Multiple Garden Grids Connect Together and Run From One Water Source

We’re often asked a question like this ‘Can I run multiple Garden Grids from one hose? and can they connect together?”
The answer is Yes! And the process is simple. With the use of our two-way water flow valves and garden hoses you can interconnect many Garden Grids™ to outfit nearly any garden layout and creative design. Visualizing it can be difficult though and when we talk to gardeners, often the easiest way to explain this simple process, is to show it.

For Episode #12 of Easy Growing, co-founder Bryan shows you how the entire process works for a variety of scenarios. It’s super easy!


**We’ve updated this process with our new Multi-Garden Grid Connection Manifold – WATCH THE NEW PROCESS HERE**


On this episode, I show you how to connect multiple Garden Grids™ together to run from one water source!

Hi everyone, I’m Bryan Traficante from GardenInMinutes and this is Episode 12 of ‘Easy Growing’. On this episode, I’m going to answer a common question we’ve been getting recently, “How do you connect multiple Garden Grids™ together for a larger garden area, all to run from one water source?”

Connecting Two Garden Grids™ that are Apart From Each Other

The concept behind it is really, really simple. More or less the idea is that when you have, for instance, your single Garden Grid™ it connects directly to your garden hose as such. However, if you have a larger garden area and you want to connect multiple Garden Grids™ you’ll want to use our two-way water flow valve, which takes your water coming from your garden hose and splits it to other areas. So for instance, if we take our 2×2 Garden Grid™ here and say we have another garden bed over here, and we want to run water to it, but we only have one water spigot… what you’re going to do is take your valve
and connect it to your garden hose like such. Connect your valve to your Garden Grid™. Then you just run a hose from that one, to the next Garden Grid™.


Two-way Valves Allow You to Adjust Each Grid Independently

What’s nice about the valve is that allows you to adjust the water flow to each Garden Grid™ individually. So if we want this Garden Grid™ to run at a full stream, I simply open the valve all the way. If I want to run it at a drip, I just close it a little bit. So if I’m growing seedlings the water stream isn’t too intense for them. Same thing with the other Grid. We have a hose coming off of here and this valve can control the water flow going to it. So I adjust it independently of this Grid, so that way I can water exactly what that garden needs and give the water to exactly what this garden needs, all while running from one hose.

Connecting Neighboring Garden Grids

Now when it comes to running multiple Garden Grids™ next to each other. Say you have a larger garden bed, say a 4×8 garden where you have 2-4×4 Garden Grids™ together in it. You can take the valve as well and connect them. Basically you do what we have here. You connect the valve directly to your water feed tube, you run your other water feed tube to your other Garden Grid™ and your hose comes directly into the valve itself so you can split it just like I was showing before… Except now you’re not connecting to something further away. This actually something that we use in our garden quite a bit. We run a variety of Garden Grids™ throughout our garden behind me. I’ll take you a little closer to show exactly how that works and how you adjust the water flow then even connect more than two grids together to go to other garden beds that are further away.

How our Garden Grids™ are Connected in Our Garden

Alright, so right here we have 2-4×4 Garden Grids™ connected together to run from one water source. If you’re familiar with the Garden Grid™ you’ll know that it’s a plant spacing guide and an irrigation system in one. Basically, it partitions your planting area into roughly square foot growing sections, that way you can grow by area as opposed to rows. If you watched Episode 11 you’ll know all about that!



Now when you have your two grids connected together here. You have your one water source and your valve just like we showed on the table. You have the water coming in feeding water to both of the grids and you can adjust them so that they can water independently of one another. So I have a the water flow running right now… If I go ahead and open the valve a little bit, you’ll see that the water begins to come out of the grid itself.  You can see the water starting to come out here and here…we’ll turn it down just a little bit for these plants.

Now with this one I want to open up just a little bit of water pressure. So I’ll open up this valve just a little bit. Now we have a drip running, for some of the smaller plants that we have here. So it allows you to independently water each of your garden sections while running from one source real conveniently.

Connecting More than Two Garden Grids™

Next, if you have more than two Garden Grids™ that are right next to each other and you want to lead off to another… So say you have three Garden Grids™ or four grids or so on. You just add another valve connected to the two-way valve that you already have. It gives you the water flow adjustment going to this grid, going into this grid, and now you have another hose that comes off the valve leading to your other grid.

Now the idea behind this is… once it gets your third grid, you can connect directly to it with your garden hose. But if you have say four or five grids, you can add another valve at the end of this hose so you can split it from there! So really the concept behind it is to daisy chain everything with the short hoses that we have and with our two-way valves. It’s real simple!

Episode Recap

Alright and that’s it for ‘Easy Growing’ Episode #12. Thank you all so much for watching. To summarize everything we talked about… if you want to connect multiple Garden Grids™ together to run from one water source, take advantage of our two-way water flow valve that way you can split water going to different areas. That way if you have a garden bed that is spaced out from another garden bed where you have a grid in each of them, you simply split the water coming from one water source, connect it to your one Garden and feed a hose over to the other one. If you have two grids next to each other, then just connect them together with valve while next to each other. Then if you have multiple Garden Grids™, you simply add another valve so you can add another port for another hose come off of, all basically just splitting up the one water source that you have. In total, you should be able to run around 6 Garden Grids™ simultaneously with standard city water pressure. And that’s it! Thank you all so much again. Please leave your comments and questions and I’ll see you next time.

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