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Fixing Blossom Rot – Easy Growing Episode #3

Blossom rot sneaks up on many gardeners, even us! This issue typically has to do with two things: Over watering and calcium deficiency. Theresa Traficante, founder at GardenInMinutes, shows you some of the blossom rot she found on her tomatoes this season and how she is going about remedying the problem.

Video Transcription

Hi everyone, this is Bryan Traficante from GardenInMinutes. This is episode three of ‘Easy Growing’. Today our founder Theresa Traficante is going to be talking to you about a fairly common garden problem called blossom rot.

Blossom Rot Affects Many Gardeners, Even Us!

Hi it’s Theresa from GardenInMinutes, I want to show you a little something that happens to us all from time to time and it’s on the bottom of our fruit, it turns black. It’s called blossom right. Yep, that’s what it is. If you’re wondering, it’s as simple as that, blossom rot, and it comes from over watering and a little less calcium than we’d like in the soil, but it’s an easy fix. Let me show you what we do.

Remove the Problem Plants

See the tomato on the left, that’s what happens when you have blossom rot. The tomato on the right is healthy. What happens with blossom rot is either you over water or you don’t have enough calcium in your soil. So I’m going to show you a quick way to help that out and get some more calcium in your soil. But first off, you have to get rid of the blossom rot tomato. So the plant strength focuses on the healthy tomato.

More Calcium, Less Water

The way we fix the blossom rot is very simple, just an egg shell. It contains calcium, so don’t throw those away when you’re cooking. What you’re going to do is: Crush up your egg shell. Throw it in the soil. Work it into the soil. And then cut back a little on your watering. You should see a definite result, shortly.

(Extra tip: Mix the crushed egg shells with vinegar or add a small amount of vinegar to the soil with the eggshells to assist in making the eggshell calcium more readily available to the plants. Also the more granular the egg shells pieces, the better!)

Now you Know!

Hi everybody, that concludes our Episode on Blossom Rot. I hope you enjoyed it! Just to recap, remember when you see a black or brown spot on the bottom of your fruit you are either over watering or you’re lacking a little calcium…. Sorry we have a little wind here today, quite a bit! So what you’re going to do is just remove the compromised fruit, cut back on your watering, and add some calcium. A simple way to do that is crush up some egg shells and work it into the soil gently and you’re good to go. Have a great day!


Thank you so much for watching!

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