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Garden Bed Corner Posts & The Garden Grid™. Can It Work?

What To Consider & Two Things You Can Do

Answer Overview:

Garden Bed Corner Posts & The #GardenGrid. Can it work? Sure does! Here’s what to consider & 2 easy things you can do. . . .

1. Check to see if it will fit between the posts. Garden Grids™️ are sized to fit the interior dimensions of most garden beds. So if your posts are small, it might just fit between them.

2. If the post is still in the way. Just fill your #gardenbed to the top w/ soil so the soil is at or above the top of your post.

3. If the post sticks up higher than the edge of your #raisedbed, still fill to the top with soil, but also order a “Cornerless” (aka open corner) Garden Grid™️. This free option is available for all 3x & 4x Garden Grid™️ sizes. Just tell us in your order notes at checkout “make this Garden Grid™️ Cornerless”

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