We’re Growing Mustard Greens

Mustard Greens. They’re curly, they’re peppery, and they’re versatile. In Episode #5 Theresa shows you her new favorite crop in her garden, mustard greens. Mustard greens are versatile enough to sautee and steam or substitute in a salad for spinach or romaine. Theresa has fallen in love with this versatile green, and you will to!

Video Transcript

Hi everyone this is Bryan Traficante from Garden In Minutes, and this is Episode 5 of Easy Growing. Today our founder Theresa is going to be talking to you about the favorite thing she’s growing in her garden right now. Mustard greens.

New to Our Garden

Hi it’s Teresa at Garden In Minutes. I want to introduce you to a plant that I decided to grow this year at the encouragement of a friend of mine. It’s called, mustard greens. It’s a really tender alternative to collards and kale, but you can also use it in a salad. So it’s a nice alternative to spinach and lettuce as well. It has a little peppery taste, almost like a radish root taste. Let me show you what it looks like!


Mustard Green Raised Garden Bed

Useful in The Garden

Here they are, beautiful green leaves. Look at this, just simply beautiful. Put them in a salad or saute them. They even have one more benefit… if you turn leaves into the ground, say use them as ‘green mulch’, you’ll help keep nematodes away and a couple of funguses. Again, mustard greens, a great alternative (to collards and lettuces), a little peppery flavor.
You’re going to love these guys!

Mustard Greens: Delicious, Versatile, and Useful

Just as a recap to our segment on mustard greens. Just remember, mustard greens have a little peppery flavor similar in flavor to radish roots. They are low feeders, but if you fertilize them you’ll get a continuous harvest spring or fall. They are great to replant (turn leaves into the soil) any undesirable or less than desirable leaves and put them back into the garden as a remedy to keep nematodes and other funguses at bay. Alright? Thanks again. Have a great day!

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