Answer: We’re Not Sure… But It’s A Long Time! 

Why we don’t know: Our original prototype Garden Grids™ from 2012 are still in use in our own gardens today! While they may need some basic maintenance and care (here’s a video about that), they still keep all of our plants well hydrated and guide our plant spacing for efficient square foot gardening style growing (more on that here). 

When we designed the Garden Grid™ we wanted it to be something that we could rely on. We were tired of fixing and replaceing drip lines and emitters or replacing soaker hoses after a couple of seasons. So we decided to create something that would last (and water better, if we do say so ourselves 😊).

Now we don’t expect them to last forever, but we think the longevity we have seen is a heck of an improvement! Here’s to enjoying more time gardening and less time building and fixing 🍻


Post your questions in the comments below and we’ll make a video to answer 🙌

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