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How our Raised Gardens Stack Together without Needing Any Tools

In this episode, we address a question we’ve been asked a few times since introducing our new garden bed stacking option, “How do your garden beds stack together? How are they held together?”

Since we use a modular design for all of our raised garden beds and kits, multiple beds can stack on top of each other. They’re held together by our joint connecting pins. The setup process is still 100% tool-free and takes only a couple minutes – watch and read along to see how.



Hi everyone. I’m Bryan Traficante, from GardenInMinutes and this is Episode 9 of Easy Growing!

I just want to start off this episode by thanking everyone that’s been watching over the last couple of weeks. The comments, feedback, and questions have just been phenomenal! It’s really been great getting to interact with everyone, and hear what you want to see in our videos, and so on.

How do our Raised Beds Stack

One of the questions that we’ve been getting over the last couple of weeks is “How do our raised garden beds stack to be taller.” If you’re familiar with our website and you’ve explored our beds or our kits, you’ll know that we have a drop-down on there that allows you to select the height of your garden bed. That’s a new feature that we recently added to allow you to make your garden bed to be the height that you’d like. So basically, if you’re familiar with our design or you watched Episode 1 of Easy Growing, you’ll know that our garden beds are based on a modular design. We us a joint and pin design, that way you don’t have to use any nails, screws, or cut anything. Really the premise behind all this is so that you can start your own garden in just a couple of minutes and really focus your time and energy on what you really want to do, which is growing a garden, as opposed to spending hours building one.

So what I’m going to do is take you through the process of stacking our garden beds. How it’s done. How it’s held together with our connecting pins and go from there. So really the idea behind this, ‘why you want to stack your garden bed’, is because a deeper garden bed allows you to bend over less. If you don’t want to reach down as far for low lying plants, you can stack the garden and bring up towards you. Or if you want to grow some really deep rooting vegetables like some large carrots; having a taller garden bed gives you more soil depth for plants to grow down into. Also, it gives you a neat design element to your garden area. So let’s get started!

Components of our Stacked Raised Gardens

So what I have here is our 2×2 raised garden bed (as an example for stacking) and I’m going to go through the process of setting it up so you can see how everything stacks together.

(Helpful Tip: All of our garden beds and garden kits can stack to ~16″ or 24″ tall)

First thing you’ll notice when you have this kit is that it comes with eight boards and the connecting pins are much longer than what you would normally get with our eight inch tall raised garden beds. Reason being is that these longer pins are used to connect all these boards together. They slide through both layers of your garden beds when you stack them.

Now Let’s Assemble our Stacked Raised Garden Bed

So let’s go through the process of building this.
You’re going to take your first garden bed board. Like that… actually I’ll go this way. You slide the joints together as such. Take your next garden bed board and you start building your first layer of your raised garden bed. Then you basically just repeat that for your next level. Add that there… Again sliding the joints together…we add one more board there, making sure it’s all together.

Now the last bit is to add your connecting pins. So you’re going to want to carefully make sure that all of your joints line up… the holes for the pin line up as well. So that way it slides through everything that you’re putting together, evenly.

So go ahead here. You’re going to wiggle it around until you find the hole and put it through. Repeat that for the other areas.
Put it through. Just slide around until you locate the holes and do the same for the remaining corners. Put it through as such… and then the very last one.

That’s it!

So basically you’ve taken your two layers of garden bed conjoining them with one long connecting pin. Now you have a strong structure that you’ll fill up to the top with soil to grow deeper rooting vegetables or if you don’t want to bend over as far… stacking makes the process a whole lot easier.

If You Already Have One of Our Garden Beds, You Can Stack Too

Alright, so I went ahead and showed you how to stack our 2×2 Raised Garden Bed to be 16″ tall, from scratch. If you already have an existing garden though, say our standard 8″ tall, you’re not out of luck. You can also stack your garden bed as well. You just want to pick up the amount of layers that you want to add on to your garden bed. So if you have our one layer of garden bed, our standard 8″ tall, and you want to make it 16″, you just add one more similar garden bed that’s 8 inches. 8 and 8, that’s 16!

When you go to checkout, add in your order notes that you want to stack this garden bed on top of the one you already have. We’ll include the longer connecting pins like the ones I just showed you… and the process is very similar. Take your standard garden bed that you already have, remove the current connecting pins, which are these shorter ones. Add your new layer of garden bed on top, and insert your new connecting pins that are longer. That’s it!

Add Your Garden Grid and Start Growing!

The very last piece of course is to add your Garden Grid watering system on top of everything. Our feed tube swings down to whatever level you need so you can connect to your garden hose. Add your soil, plant your plants, and you’re good to go!

All right so that’s it for Easy Growing Episode 9. Thank you all so much for watching. We really really appreciate it! Please go ahead and share this with friends. Anyone you think would be interesting in learning more about raised bed gardening. Go ahead and post your questions, your comments, your feedback. We really want to hear what you have to say about the episode so that we can tailor it more towards what you want to see. And with that, that’s the end of Episode 9. Thank you all so much for watching. Have a great day!

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