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Insalata Caprese Recipe

A classic Italian dish combining mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil that can double as a fresh appetizer or a light meal.

One of the keys to perfecting this dish is using the right tomato! In our opinion, avoid the large tomato varietals and stick with something a little smaller and flavorful, like a grape tomato or roma tomato. Put a slice on top of some fresh basil, soft mozzarella, gooey olive oil, and you’ll be talking with your hands in no time. Enjoy!


Grape Tomato for Insalata Caprese

Insalata Caprese Recipe Ingredients

  • Freshly Cut Basil Leaves
  • Grape (or Roma) Tomatoes – Sliced
  • Fresh Mozzarella – sliced
  • Extra Virgil Olive Oil
  • Coarsely Ground Sea Salt
  • Ground Black Pepper


Insalata Caprese Recipe Directions

  1. Arrange your sliced mozzarella on a serving dish. Top each piece of mozzarella with a basil leaf (or 2) and then a tomato slice.
  2. Drizzle over top with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle on some sea salt and ground pepper.  
  3. Serve enjoy with friends and family!


Mozzarella Tomato Basil Recipe Insalata Caprese


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