• It is this last feature that makes the Garden in Minutes kits so compelling. The pre-assembled boxes are stackable, giving you more growing area in the same footprint. Better yet, they can be paired with a pre-assembled variable flow Garden Grid™ irrigation system for each growing level.

  • Contributor Article Depending upon your skill level, construction know-how, or time availability there are different approaches you can take to readying your growing area.

  • Contributor Article - The aphid. The name hardly conjures images of destruction, but that’s exactly what these little pests do best. A longtime scourge of gardeners and farmers alike, these sap-sucking insects thrive in temperate regions and multiply very quickly if not controlled.

  • Contribution - A great tip is to focus on companion planting since urban gardening is done often in close proximity to other plants. For instance, growing sunflowers near cucumber plants will make the cucumbers sweeter.

  • ....it's the only one we've seen that comes with its own irrigation system – it's about as no-brainer as raised-bed gardening comes!

  • Each kit includes an easy-to-assemble Cedar Raised Garden Bed that's easy enough to put together with your five-year-old, as a no-tools-needed quick after-school project. They also...

  • GardenInMinutes.com makes starting a garden easy even for a novice with their Raised Garden Kits, which include easy-to-assemble cedar garden beds as well as The Garden Grid™, a planting guide and an irrigation system that waters plants evenly at their base.

  • ...All the tools you need to grow a successful raised bed garden.

  • If you'd like to set up a drip irrigation system for your raised beds, but don't want to spend the time figuring out which connectors and parts you need, this 'plug and play' grid system could be just the ticket.

  • Some of the things I LOVED about this system–first, the Y connected had two little black switches. They controlled the flow of water. This makes it super flexible for those with high or low pressure coming out of the hose. It also allowed you to control how quickly your garden gets watered.

    Second, the holes in the irrigation tubing are much larger than a drip system. I found you could saturate the garden much more quickly than with my drip system.

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