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Our Custom Length, Garden Hose End Options

 Our custom length garden hoses (found here) have 3 different hose end options. Standard ends, dual-male ends, and dual-female ends. Often we’re asked which type to select when ordering with our products. Fortunately, we keep it simple!

All Garden In Minutes® products connect together with standard end garden hoses. So, if you’re connecting from a Garden Grid™ manifold to a Garden Grid™ manifold, or from a manifold to a Garden Grid™, or from your standard hose spigot to either a manifold or Garden Grid™, you’ll want to use a standard end garden hoses.

We make dual-male and dual-female ended hoses available for very unique personal scenarios. These hose ends are primarily used for special water supply connections that happen prior to connecting with our products. It’s uncommon, but we know that some people need them, so we make them! Easy as that 🙂

You can find the Garden Grid™ here, Multi-Garden Grid™ Connection Manifold here, and our super-flexible, super-durable Custom Length Garden Hoses here. Happy gardening!

Questions? Post them in the comments below! 

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