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So, What is a Pizza Garden?

Actually it’s a pretty simple answer. A Pizza Garden is just like any other type of garden, except everything you grow is intended to be harvested to help you make a delicious pizza. 

Now, you of course can’t grow everything for a pizza in your garden (cheese and crust – unless you want to grow wheat… which you can if you want, but we didn’t); but you can grow all of the vegetables and herbs for delicious sauces and toppings!

What Should I Plant To Grow A Pizza Garden?

For our pizza garden planting layout, all plants will mature within a week or so (some are transplants) of each other and will continue to provide you with fresh greens and veggies for many weeks – some plants months! So don’t be afraid to plant the “next generation” of pizza garden plants as you see your current plants’ fruit production slowing, this way you will have a great rotation of fresh veggies.

*If you want to add more variety to your garden check out our comprehensive plant spacing guide for raised bed gardening to get  started.*

  • Tomatoes – 65-75 days to maturity, plant near basil, cucumber, parsley, and onion. Tomatoes are ripe when they can be pulled easily from their stem. They can also ripen a little after picking – so if your area’s weather is expected to swing outside of your usual temps (hot or cold) or there are strong storms coming –  you can pick tomatoes that are still pink in color and have them taste great.
  • Basil – 65-75 days to maturity, but you can harvest sooner as leaves form. Plant near tomatoes, peppers, and onions. Pinch off a few leaves or snip one sprig at a time once plants are at least 8 inches tall.
  • Sweet Peppers – 50-60 days to maturity (from transplant), 60-90 days (from seed). Plant near basil and onions. Pick peppers when they are green and full size for your variety.  Leave on the plant to ripen to a red or yellow for sweeter flavors if you want.
  • Onion (Yellow/White) – 55-65 days for transplants, 4-5 months to maturity for seeds. Plant near basil. Pull or snip Scallions when the tops are at least 6 inches tall and the stems are about as thick as a pencil.
  • Spinach – 45-55 days to maturity from seed. Plant near onions. Harvest leaves a few at a time when they are 2-3 inches long, continue to cut new leaves as they develop.

Pizza Garden Layout Planting Guide – What to Grow and Spacing Needs

Don’t worry garden friends. We wouldn’t be called Garden In Minutes® if we weren’t here to make gardening quick and easy.

Below is our pizza garden planting guide for a 4×4 garden area. It has all of the plant spacing needs and recommended layout that puts companion plants near each other. Our pizza garden template is laid out in a 4×4 Garden Grid watering system – (which doubles as a planting guide, useful right?) so you can see all of your pizza garden plant spacing needs and organization.


Pizza Garden Planting Layout

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That’s it! Everything you need to grow a pizza garden. Grow some greens, make some delicious sauce, and add some tasty toppings while staying comfy in your own home!

Happy Gardening!

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