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Short Garden Hose – 4ft


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Short Garden Hose – 4ft

Our 4ft Short Garden Hose is the perfect companion for connecting an odd quantity of Garden Grids™ together (4×4 size and under), bridging a narrow walkway, or connecting to a nearby water spigot, while leaving your garden area neat and tidy!

We’ve found that there are so many instances where you need a short water hose, but only long lengths are available. Garden hoses which are too long end up being draped all over your garden and look messy.

So instead of making do with long hoses and messy gardens, you can now use our short garden hose to neatly feed your garden and solve the problem!


If you’re using our 4ft Short Garden Hose to connect 3 or more Garden Grid watering systems together, you will also need our two-way water flow valves (featured on the left).

Theresa is the green thumb of GardenInMinutes and provided the inspiration for the Garden Grid™ watering system. With decades of gardening experience ranging from the temperate climate of New Jersey to the tropical climate of South Florida, Theresa has grown nearly everything in her gardens.


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