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1×4 Raised Garden Bed




Premium quality with modern convenience.

Our handcrafted 1×4 Cedar Raised Garden Beds are designed to assemble faster and last longer than common raised garden beds. Assembly takes just a few minutes, requiring no tools and all garden boards are made from premium 1-3/4″ cedar timbers, more than twice the industry standard.

The 1×4 Cedar Raised Garden Bed is designed with the urban gardener in mind. Its small size can fit nearly anywhere: patios, porches, decks, walkways, or even flat rooftops! It’s an ideal garden bed if you want to add some color to your outdoor space and is perfect for growing a few tomatoes, kale, or cilantro so you can add some fresh veggies or herbs to your kitchen.

1×4 Raised Garden Bed Features and Info:

  • 100% Cedar Garden Board Construction (no composites)
  • No Tools Needed – our 1×4 Raised Garden Bed (along with all of our raised garden beds) assembles effortlessly in minutes with our sliding joint and pin design.
  • Strong, quality build – Our 1×4 Raised Garden Bed boards are 1-3/4″ thick, more than twice the industry standard. Our thicker design will never bow under the weight of wet soil and will last for years.
  • Environmentally friendly. No harmful chemicals or residues to worry about.
  • Expandable Design – By using our expansion kits, you can effortlessly expand your 1×4 Raised Garden Bed to make a larger growing area and create new layouts, even while you’re still growing plants!


 Product Details:

  • Includes
    • 4 Cedar Raised Garden Bed Boards (per level)
    • 4 connecting pins which firmly connect all of your 1×4 Raised Garden Bed boards together.
    • Complimentary organic heirloom seeds to get you started planting.
  • Time and Dimensions
    • Assembly time: ~1 minute per level
    • 1×4 Raised Garden Bed assembled sizes:
      • Standard Bed: 15-1/2in. x 48in. x 7-3/4 in. tall
      • Double Stacked: 15-1/2in. x 48in. x 15-1/2 in. tall
      • Triple Stacked: 15-1/2in. x 48in. x 23-1/4 in. tall
    • Soil Capacity:  ~3 cu. ft. per level.
    • Total growing area: ~ 4 square feet
    • Don’t forget! No tools required and its expandable!


Our Passion for Quality

Quality is a founding principle of how we build at Garden In Minutes. We don’t build our 1×4 Raised Garden Bed just for you to like it, we build it so you’ll love it! Everything we make is built to last and work well, now and down the road. We build this way because Garden In Minutes was founded with the desire to make the most convenient, high quality raised bed gardening products available. We want you to love your garden, not just for a single season, but for years to come!


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