3ft Cedar Raised Garden Expansion Boards




3ft Cedar Raised Garden Expansion Boards

Want to grow more in your GardenInMinutes garden? You’re in the right place!

Our 3ft Cedar Raised Garden Bed Expansion Boards let you effortlessly add 3 more feet of garden area to any GardenInMinutes raised garden, no tools needed!

You just simply slide the connecting pins out of one side of your current GardenInMinutes Raised Garden, remove the disconnected end board, slide the raised garden bed expansion boards onto the open end, add the end board on to the new boards, and insert the connecting pins!

That’s it! No tools needed and you’re ready to plant in minutes. You can even expand while you’re still growing plants!


The 3ft Raised Garden Expansion Boards Includes:
  • 37 1/4in X 8 in tall x 1 ¾ thick natural cedar raised garden boards.
    • 8″ Height: 2 Boards
    • 16″ Height: 4 Boards
    • 24″ Height: 6 Boards
  • 2 connecting pins to firmly connect your new raised garden boards to your original raised garden bed.


*Want to expand a Raised Garden Kit? Don’t forget to add an additional Garden Grid™ watering system!


**Please note: Our Raised Garden Expansion boards have only been designed for use with GardenInMinutes brand raised gardens. If you try to use them with a different brand of garden bed we can not guarantee they will connect correctly – and that’s no fun. So please, only use these with GardenInMinutes gardens.**

Our Passion for Quality

Quality is a founding principle of how we build at Garden In Minutes. Everything we craft is built to last, so it works well now and for years to come. We build this way because Garden In Minutes was founded with the desire to make the most convenient, high quality raised bed gardening products available. We want you to love your garden, not just for a single season, but for years to come!


Theresa is the green thumb of GardenInMinutes and provided the inspiration for the Garden Grid™ watering system. With decades of gardening experience ranging from the temperate climate of New Jersey to the tropical climate of South Florida, Theresa has grown nearly everything in her gardens.


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