3x6 Raised Garden Kit with Garden Grid watering systems
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3×6 Raised Garden Kit


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Product Description

An all-in-one, expandable 3×6 Raised Garden Kit with its own watering system!

 Our 3×6 Raised Garden Kit gives you everything you need to grow a successful raised garden! Each 3×6 Raised Garden Kit includes our durable 3×6 cedar raised garden bed,  2-3×3 Garden Grid watering systems, garden hose timer, adjustable water flow valve, and  heirloom organic seeds! 

The 3×6 Raised Garden Kit gives you enough room to grow all sizes of plants from pumpkins and squash to carrots and lettuce while still being simple to manage. The 3×6 Raised Garden Kit is ideal for getting started in gardening or getting back your green thumb!

All of our raised garden kits, including the 3×6 Raised Garden Kit, are modular. That means that over time, you can customize and expand our garden beds to create new layouts and a larger raised garden with minimal effort and expense. The best part is, our Garden Grid watering system makes planting and growing easier than ever with a fully-adjustable garden irrigation system and planting grid, in one! Our raised garden kits really give you all that you need to grow a great garden. 

3×6 Raised Garden Kit Features and Info:

  • Product Details:
    • Includes
      • (2) 3×3 Garden Grid™ Watering Systems
      • 6 Cedar Raised Garden Bed Boards (per level)
      • 6 connecting pins which firmly connect all of your 3×6 Raised Garden Bed boards together.
      • (1) Manual Garden Hose Timer  – allows you to set your water to run for a desired time throughout the included Garden Grid™  and shut off automatically.
      • (1) Two-way Water Flow Valve – allows you to easily adjust water flow at your Garden Grid™ from drip irrigation to a full stream without having to go back to your hose spigot.
      • Complimentary organic heirloom seeds to get you started planting.
    • Time and Dimensions
      • Assembly time: ~2 minutes per level
      • 3×6 Raised Garden Bed assembled sizes:
        • Standard Bed: 37-1/4in. x 72-3/4in. x 7-3/4 in. tall
        • Double Stacked: 37-1/4in. x 72-3/4in. x 15-1/2 in. tall
        • Triple Stacked: 37-1/4in. x 72-3/4in. x 23-1/4 in. tall
      • Soil Capacity:  12 cu. ft. per level.
      • Total growing area: ~ 18 square feet
      • Don’t forget! No tools required and it’s expandable!


Our Passion for Quality

Our Raised Garden Beds are built using 1-3/4 inch thick cedar timbers (more than twice the thickness of a standard 3/4 inch raised garden) and made with 100% solid natural cedar instead of composites! Cedar timbers are naturally rot and insect resistant, making them more durable against the elements. To make them even more durable, we seal our cedar raised garden beds in an eco-friendly water based wood sealer to give you some added longevity.

The Garden Grid™ watering system is also made with quality in mind, using FDA approved irrigation tubing that is commonly found in water purification systems!

We build this way because Garden In Minutes was founded with the desire to make the most convenient, high quality raised bed gardening products available. We want you to love your garden – not just for a single season, but for years to come!


Soil capacity for the 3×6 Raised Garden Kit – Approximately 12 cu. ft (not included)


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