Jobe’s Organics Vegetable & Tomato Fertilizer

Purpose Based For Better Garden Production


All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer


IDEAL FOR:  An all-purpose fertilizer to refresh soil mid-growth, ensure a strong root and stem structure of active plants, improve the fruit quality of budding plants, and to prepare your soil for a seasonal replant.

Tip: Mix this with our Wiggle Worm Worm Castings to also bolster the growth of plant foliage – AND/OR – Mix this with our Espoma Organic Bat Guano Fertilizer to improve soil consistency, bolster overall growth, prevent soil disease and harmful nematode growth.


Fertilizer Details

  • Bag Size & Application: 1.5lb, covers ~45-50 sq ft.
  • About: Jobe’s Organics Vegetable & Tomato Granular Fertilizer with Biozome, is specially formulated to provide your vegetable and tomato plants the nutrients they need to produce healthy and abundant vegetables and tomatoes.
    • Biozome
      • A unique and proprietary blend beneficial microorganisms that improve long term soil quality by providing beneficial microbes that naturally reestablish a balance between plant and soil
    • Organic and Non-Caustic
      • Provides a plant the food that it needs while still being safe for the environment.
      • OMRI listed for organic gardening by USDA; Certified organic means no synthetic chemicals.
      • Safe for Use Around Children and Pets
  • Application:  Easy to use, just work into the soil around the plants, mix 1 cup into every 10 cu. ft. of garden space. Re-apply every 6-8 weeks during growing season.


Nutritional Balance

NPK Analysis:  2-5-3. 2% Nitrogen. | 5% Phosphorous.  3% Potassium.

Nitrogen (N) Nitrogen is largely responsible for the growth of strong, healthy plant foliage.
Phosphorus (P) – Phosphorus is largely responsible for strong root growth and vibrant flower and fruit development.
Potassium (K) – Potassium helps plants grow strong stems. Aids in water movement, producing sweeter, tastier fruits and more robust blooms.



Jobe’s Organics Vegetable & Tomato Fertilizer


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