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Stagger Planting In Your Garden 

Harvest for longer! 

Instead of planting all of your seeds or seedling at the same time in your garden, space them out (aka, stagger their planting) so they mature at different times.

In this raised garden we’re planning to grow about 96 carrots in 8 of these Garden Grid watering system squares & 12 heads of cauliflower. While 96 carrots & 12 heads of cauliflower sounds exciting… harvesting & using that much at the same time doesn’t 😅

So, for our carrots & cauliflower, we’re planting them into two separate groups a few weeks apart. When the first group matures & is harvested, it will clear out that space for something new, all while the second round of carrot & cauliflower plants continues to mature.  This will be done throughout most of the growing season with various plants so the garden can be continuously productive & have less time without harvests 👩‍🌾

This is a practice you can use throughout the year in your garden so you too can enjoy a more continual harvest! When spacing out planting times, just be cognizant of your freeze dates & plant temperature tolerances. You don’t want to grow a cold-sensitive plant too close to your freeze dates & vice-versa for heat-sensitive plants. Cauliflower & carrots are comfortable in colder weather. If you want to grow them, check out our cauliflower planting video here & our carrot planting video here. Both share how to plant them, plus tips on when based to plant based on your growing zone.

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