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On this episode I’m taking you inside our garden to show you what we’re growing during the hot temperatures of summer!

Hi everyone, I’m Bryan Traficante from and this is Easy Growing episode #27! On today’s episode, I’m going to be taking you inside our garden and showing you what we’re going to be growing for the summer.

Our Lettuce is Done

If you’ve been watching along on Instagram or Facebook you’ll know that over the last few month’s during spring we’ve been growing carrots, lettuce, cilantro and basil. Most everything is doing fine, with the exception of lettuce though. If you’ve been watching the weather, Florida temperatures have reached the high 90’s, which isn’t favorable to lettuce. Basically, when temperatures get above 85 degrees, lettuce when small, won’t really mature further. If the plant is mature, then it’ll bolt. This is the process of when a shoot/stem comes up from the center as the plant prepares to go to seed.

Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Okra, Sweet Potato, & Watermelon!

So, for summer we’re going to be growing more heat tolerant plants! If you’re watching us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see that we already started tomatoes. They’re in the back section of this garden here. We also started jalapeños. Both tomatoes and jalapeños need one Garden Grid™ square per plant to grow. Along with that, we’re going to be planting okra, sweet potatoes, and watermelon. For okra and sweet potatoes you’re going to plant one per Garden Grid™ square. Watermelon on the other hand is a little different. You’re going to be using two squares per plant.

Let me take you over to our garden and show you exactly how that works, for when you have a plant that requires more than one square to have enough room to grow well.

So here we have our tomatoes growing. This section is where we’re going to be putting our peppers. Then over here in this garden bed is where we’re going to be putting in our watermelon and probably the sweet potatoes in the back… I haven’t decided yet.

For watermelon, what you’ll basically want to do is plant in a checkerboard pattern in your Garden Grid™. This spacing will allow the plant enough space to grow and produce the fruit we want it to.

For the tomatoes you’ll have 1 plant per Garden Grid™ square. For the Jalapenos 1 plant per square. Okra 1 plant per square. And Sweet potatoes plant per square.

Sweet Potato Tip

One thing to know about sweet potato is that is can take over your garden. So keep an eye on its growth to make sure it’s not invading other plant’s areas. You can always trim it back to keep it under control.

High Summer Temps & Tomatoes

Other than that, all of these plants should do well with high temperatures. For tomatoes there’s a lot of varieties that you can work with. If you’re in the south like us, most varieties will be okay in the summer. But, if you’re in say Arizona, New Mexico where temperatures will get into the triple digits, take a look for different hybrids or heirlooms that are specifically made (adaptable) to your climate.

Mild Summer? You Can Grow These & Greens!

Otherwise, if you have a climate where your average temperature is going to stay below 85 degrees during the summer days, you’ll be fine to grow all of these plants along with leaf lettuces and things like that!

So, over here you can see our leaf lettuce. It’s basically stopped growing. It’s a little too hot for it here (in Florida). Then we have carrots here that are just past seedling stage and should be alright during the summer heat.

So we’ll keep you updated as we continue to grow in our garden!

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