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Summer ’22 Garden Update

Succession Planting, Replanting, & What’s Maturing

🌱 Summer of ‘22 Garden Update (and hopefully a little garden inspo) for you 🌱
Our last round of green bean succession planting plus some tips for planting them in The Garden Grid

Sometimes seedlings die… unfortunately this one was Okra (top 5 favorite for us). So, we’re replanting it.

Our watermelon patch is coming along nicely! However, one of the latest seeds in our succession planting didn’t germinate. 👀 So we’re replanting it even though it’s pretty late in the season. Worth the chance in our eyes 🍉

Last but certainly not least, watering all of these new seeds, seedlings, and established plants with our Garden Grids so they stay hydrated during these hot summer months 🌡

Questions? Post them in the comments below! 

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