Multi-Garden Grid™ Connection Manifold





Interconnect multiple Garden Grids™ and keep your garden area more organized!

Our Garden Grid™ Connection Manifold lets you interconnect 2 or more  Garden Grid™ watering systems together to run from one water source and it keeps all hoses tucked neatly against your garden bed for an organized gardening area.

We designed this manifold for use with all of our handcrafted raised garden bed heights or for use at ground level. Simply select the height you need, connect your Garden Grids™ and turn on your water. That’s it! It even has an extra port to connect an additional garden hose to for handheld watering or connecting to another manifold and set of Garden Grids™.

    Features & Info:

      • Each manifold lets you interconnect and independently adjust the water flow to (2) Garden Grid™ watering system, right next to your garden!
      • Connect one of our garden hoses to the additional manifold port (green capped end) and lead it to another manifold to interconnect another pair of Garden Grids™ to the same water source and so on for larger gardens.
      • *Garden Hose Timer and Custom Length Garden Hoses sold separately.*
      • Connection Needs for Different Garden Grid™ Amounts:
        • 2 Garden Grids™: 1 Garden Grid Connection Manifold
        • 3 Garden Grids™: 1 Garden Grid Connection Manifold & 1 Garden Hose
        • 4 Garden Grids™: 2 Garden Grid Connection Manifolds & 1 Garden Hose
        • 5 Garden Grids™: 2 Garden Grid Connection Manifolds & 2 Garden Hoses
        • 6 Garden Grids™: 3 Garden Grid Connection Manifolds & 2 Garden Hose
        • 7 Garden Grids™: 3 Garden Grid Connection Manifolds & 3 Garden Hose
        • 8 Garden Grids™: 4 Garden Grid Connection Manifolds & 3 Garden Hose


         Watch How It Works Here

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