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Short Garden Hose by the Foot – Custom Lengths





Short Garden Hose by the Foot – Select Your Own Length

Custom length garden hose by the foot with high quality brass ends. From 1ft to 49ft options, select the perfect length garden hose for your garden needs! An ideal companion for connecting multiple Garden Grid™ watering system sets together, bridging a narrow walkway with a short garden hose, tightly lining the edge of your garden to stay out of the way, or connecting to a nearby water spigot, all while leaving your garden area neat and tidy!

There are many instances where you need a specific length of garden hose, but only 25ft or 50ft lengths are available. The extra hose ends up getting draped over things or tied up into a messy ‘bird’s nest’.  So let’s fix that! Instead of making do with long hoses and messes, choose the exact length garden hose you need!

Garden Hose Specifications:

  • Hose Diameter: 5/8″
  • Fitting Material: Brass
  • All Garden In Minutes® garden hoses are made in-house using premium U.S. made components


Requesting In-between Garden Hose Lengths:

If you need a short garden hose that’s in-between the available sizes, purchase the closest size available and note the length you’d like in your order notes at checkout (ex: Purchase a 10 foot garden hose to request a 9’9″ or 3 foot garden hose for a 3’2″). We’d be happy to make the hose as close as possible to the length you need.

If you’re using our garden hoses to connect multiple Garden Grid™ watering systems together, you will also need our Garden Grid Connection Manifold.


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