Square Foot Gardening Spacing – How does it work?


Square Foot Gardening Spacing – How does it work?

Want to grow a lot in a small space? Want to use your growing area as efficiently as possible and give yourself huge harvests with less work? Then you should plant using the square foot garden method. Spacing plants using the square foot garden method takes advantage of planting by area, as opposed to planting by rows. To optimize growing space, gardeners subdivide their growing area into equal sized planting sections.

Fortunately we’ve made your job easy! Below is our quick and simple overview of knowing exactly how to plant ANY plant using this method.

Our main takeaway: Plant by area, not by rows.

Raised Gardens and square foot gardens alike, are most efficiently used when planting by area, as opposed to rows. This saves lots of space and allows you to grow much more in a condensed area.

Let us explain..

On the back of a seed packet you are given instructions. They say something like this: “Sow seeds 3″ apart in rows 4-18″ apart.” This is great, except it wastes a ton of space! In a raised garden you disregard the 4-18” rows and and just look at the first number. In this example, 3”. By ignoring the row spacing, you can grow a lot more in a smaller space!

Square Foot Gardening Spacing

Take our Garden Grid™ watering system for example. One of the benefits of it, is that it divides your raised garden into equal planting sections. With the Garden Grid™ you have roughly a square foot area to work with. If a seed requires you to plant every 3” then you plant 16 seeds per square!

square foot gardening spacing

Quick math lesson!

12in. wide X 12in. long planting area

3in. seed spacing

12in wide/ 3in = 4 seeds wide

12in long/ 3in = 4 seeds long

4 seeds X 4 seeds = 16 seeds

 “Grow a lot more in a smaller space!

Pretty simple right?

Now you may ask us, “If we can grow so much in such a small place, why don’t farmers do it?

Well there’s a good answer for that. Remember the row spacing we were talking about earlier? Simply put, farmers need that extra spacing so they can reach all of their crops. In Raised Gardens, everything is designed to be within arms reach, so you don’t need the extra row spacing!

Square foot garden spacing is a simple and effective means of growing a lot, in a little area. To make the most of your area, use a planting guide to give you even planting spaces to help you plant efficiently and keep your garden looking neat and tidy!

Want more info on planting guides? Take a look at our Salsa Garden and Salad Garden plant spacing layouts or our plant spacing guide.


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