Urban Gardening03.22.17

Filling Raised Garden Beds. Make Sure you Overfill!

When Filling Your Raised Garden Bed with Soil, Overfill it! In this episode, Bryan explains why you should overfill your garden bed with soil. A quick, but very valuable piece of info! Your garden bed houses your growing environment, so you’ll want to make sure you provide a great environment for your plants to thrive! […]

Urban Gardening03.14.17

How to Stack Our Raised Gardens

How our Raised Gardens Stack Together without Needing Any Tools In this episode, we address a question we’ve been asked a few times since introducing our new garden bed stacking option, “How do your garden beds stack together? How are they held together?” Since we use a modular design for all of our raised garden beds and […]


How to Build a Raised Garden Bed Greenhouse, in Minutes – Easy Growing Episode #8

How to Make a Raised Garden Bed Greenhouse In Minutes A step-by-step guide for a simple, quick, and inexpensive method to create a greenhouse covering for your raised garden bed. For this Episode of Easy Growing, the inventor of the Garden Grid watering system and GardenInMinutes co-founder, Tom Traficante, shows you how to create a greenhouse covering […]


Seed Starting Suggestions and Transplanting Tips – Easy Growing Episode #7

Starting Seedlings in Egg Crates and Eggshells and Transferring them to the Garden Seedlings are very susceptible to the elements. A cold spell, a heat wave, heavy rains, or hungry critters can leave your garden of seedlings a barren plot of dirt in little time. To allow seeds to mature and to even start your […]


Amending Garden Bed Soil when Full – Easy Growing Episode #6

How to Amend your Garden Bed’s Soil when it’s Full and Growing It may seem tricky to improve your garden’s soil while plants are growing and soil reaches to the top of your garden bed boards. You don’t want to disturb your plants and you don’t have much room for large additions. When faced with […]

mustard greens02.06.17

Mustard Greens in Our Garden – Easy Growing Episode #5

We’re Growing Mustard Greens Mustard Greens. They’re curly, they’re peppery, and they’re versatile. In Episode #5 Theresa shows you her new favorite crop in her garden, mustard greens. Mustard greens are versatile enough to sautee and steam or substitute in a salad for spinach or romaine. Theresa has fallen in love with this versatile green, […]

Pest Issues01.29.17

Dealing with Leaf Miners – Easy Growing Episode #4

Dealing with Leaf Miners Leaf Miners are a fairly common garden pest that feed on the inside of plant leaf tissue. You will often notice them in your garden by the white looking designs they leave on your plant leaves. While they’re unlikely to kill your plant, Leaf Miners’ voracious feeding will weaken your garden’s plants […]


Fixing Blossom Rot – Easy Growing Episode #3

Fixing Blossom Rot – Easy Growing Episode #3 Blossom rot sneaks up on many gardeners, even us! This issue typically has to do with two things: Over watering and calcium deficiency. Theresa Traficante, founder at GardenInMinutes, shows you some of the blossom rot she found on her tomatoes this season and how she is going about […]

Winter Season01.16.17

Winter Gardening – Easy Growing Episode #2

Winter Gardening – Easy Growing Episode #2 Depending on where you live in the U.S. winter is a little known, but ideal, gardening seasons. South Florida, South Texas, Coastal Southwest, and Coastal California winter gives you the opportunity to grow delicate plants that otherwise would be damaged by the oppressive heat of your hot summers. […]