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A Garden Irrigation System and Planting Grid, in one!

From drip irrigation to full stream watering, The Garden Grid™ provides fully-adjustable water flow and equal square planting sections, allowing you to plant evenly, efficiently, and simply.

We invented The Garden Grid™ watering system to provide something that other ground level garden irrigation systems and planting grids don’t have: simplicity.

Traditional garden irrigation systems such as drip lines and soaker hoses can take hours to set up and are messy. Traditional planting grids lay in your garden during planting and don’t serve a purpose afterwards. The Garden Grid™ watering system is neat and gentle on your plants, and doesn’t require any cutting, measuring materials, gluing or perforating. In fact, it doesn’t require any tools at all! Ready to use in minutes, The Garden Grid™ is built to last and brings the word simple back to gardening.

Everything we make is built with an unwavering passion for quality and desire for convenience. At Garden In Minutes, we are a family of gardeners building better tools for gardeners!

The Garden Grid™ watering system – 4×6 features and info:
  • 24 planting and watering sections
  • Ground level garden irrigation system and planting guide in one.
  • Full user control of water flow – from drip irrigation to a full stream.
  • Internal mesh filter keeps The Garden Grid™ free of debris from incoming water.
  • Assembled Size: 44″ x 66″
  • Each planting square approx.– 11″ x 11” (includes tube thickness)
  • Made using FDA-approved tubing, commonly found in water purification systems.
  • Can be used at ground level or in a raised garden bed!
  • No tools required – quick 4 piece assembly, lay it in your garden and start planting!
  • Link multiple Garden Grids™ together using our Multi-Garden Grid™ Connection Manifold – *sold separately*


**Patent Pending**

Theresa is the green thumb of GardenInMinutes and provided the inspiration for the Garden Grid™ watering system. With decades of gardening experience ranging from the temperate climate of New Jersey to the tropical climate of South Florida, Theresa has grown nearly everything in her gardens.

3 reviews for The Garden Grid™ Watering System – 4×6

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    The Garden Grid Watering System is really a terrific product. I have two 5’ x 12’ raised bed gardens, 24” high. I bought two of the 4×6 watering systems, which I then placed end to end and connected to the last zone on my yard irrigation system. Because my raised beds were a foot wider than the 4×6 watering system, additional watering slits were made to the outside hoses on the long side of the grids. Also, the length of the hose leading over the edge of the bed was lengthened, all at no charge.

    The grid system allows for “square foot planting” which I had not previously tried. I planted both inside the grids as well as along the outer perimeters, which were customized to allow the extra plantings outside the grid.

    The system comes preassembled and is very sturdy and waters evenly. Hooking the system up to my irrigation system was relatively easy. There are no leaks.

    I spent a total of about $200.00 for the irrigation for one 5‘ x 12’ raised bed garden. It was well worth the money. At the end of the season I intend to disconnect the grids and put them away for the winter. The tubing is extra thick and I do not expect it to become brittle or to bend easily. That should mean a fairly long lifetime, rather than replacing the irrigation system every year or two.

    Shipping was prompt and well-packed. The large 4×6 grid comes in two (2) pieces. Following the instructions, I put each hose to be connected in hot tap water for a few minutes to soften it. The hoses and connectors went together easily.

    The people at Garden Grid are really helpful. They helped me work through what I needed, even sending me a schematic. They followed up and I am totally pleased with the product and their service and assistance.

    When ordering there are a few choices, including the length of the garden hose that will either go to your home water source, a well, or your irrigation system. You need to make sure you order the correct length, as well as the fitting you will need to go between the garden hose and your water source. As mentioned above, as for slits on the long or short sides, or both, if the grid does not cover the entirety of your raised bed surface.

    • Hi Jim,
      Thank you for the great review! So glad the Garden Grid was able to make the addition to your garden that you were looking for and also introduce you to square foot garden spacing – it’s an excellent way to grow a lot of plants in a condensed area.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Great customer service, I told them the size of my garden, they gave me the best layout and even added outside drips for me because of the configuration. Easy to put together, durable construction, I am very happy.

    • Thanks John! That’s fantastic to hear. Customer service and having someone you can easily talk to is a huge priority for us. So glad that made a difference and that our 4×6 Garden Grid made a valuable addition to your garden!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 of the 4×6 grids last year. They arrived promptly and are made of a very sturdy material. They fit perfectly in my beds, went together easily and watered evenly. I hooked them up to my garden hose using a quick connect system. Easily moved hose from one grid to the other as I had the connections facing each other. They watered my raised beds perfectly. I have used them again this year and they are still in excellent condition. They should last for years.

    Plan on adding more raised beds in different sizes and ordering more of this company’s grids again. Made not only the watering easy, but made my square foot gardening easy. Great product, well worth the cost. I would recommend them to anyone.

    • We’re thrilled to hear that, Roberta! The Garden Grid™ is designed to be very durable and care-free, so they will last a long time without needing much maintenance, if any. As a testament to that, our original prototypes are still working perfectly and can be seen in our blog videos. We’re glad to hear that watering and square foot planting is also much easier for you now, looking forward to adding the same convenience for your future gardens!

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