Garden Grid™ watering systems

A pre-assembled, tool free, garden Watering system and planting guide, in one.

Ready in under a minute, The Garden Grid™ watering system brings simplicity to garden irrigation and plant spacing. With no tools or difficult assembly needed, The Garden Grid™ effortlessly partitions your garden into evenly spaced square planting sections while efficiently watering all of your plants at their base. It can be used in your current garden bed or at ground level and multiples easily connect for larger growing areas.
Watch A Video about The Garden Grid™

  • The Garden Grid is one part garden irrigation systemAdjustable from a drip to a full stream.
  • The Garden Grid is one part planting gridGrid layout makes plant spacing easy.
  • The Garden Grid watering system assembles in less than a minute!Pre-assembled to save you time and effort.

**Does your garden bed have corner posts? Request corner-less Garden Grids™ in your order notes at checkout and we’ll happily accommodate!**
**Is your garden bed a little bigger than our Garden Grids™? Ask us to make your Garden Grid™ edges spray outward in your order notes!**
**Have a large garden area? Easily connect multiple Garden Grids™ together, using our Multi-Garden Grid™ Connection Manifold!**

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