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The Basic Care & Maintenance of a Garden Grid™ Watering System

The Garden Grid™ watering system is designed to be a durable and carefree garden watering system, saving you time, effort, and providing more effective watering than drip irrigation.
Maintenance is low to unneeded, but over time you still want to check on it to ensure the best water flow for your plants. Here’s how you do that!


On this episode, I’m discussing the basic maintenance and care for your Garden Grid™  watering system.

Hi everyone, I’m Bryan Traficante from and this is Episode #17 of ‘Easy Growing’! On today’s episode I’m going to be covering a question we recently received about what the expected care and maintenance is for having a Garden Grid™  watering system. So, the Garden Grid™ watering system is actually a pretty durable item. We designed it so that it will last a long time and not really give you any headaches. We really wanted it to be a simple carefree type item, so you can spend your time enjoying gardening as opposed to worrying about your irrigation system and how well it’s doing.

Unlike drip irrigation systems, we don’t use small emitters or delicate tubing that is easily kinked or torn. We wanted the Garden Grid™ to really be durable so that way you could use it for a long time. As a testament to that, these are actually some of the original prototype Garden Grids™ from 2012, when we first started creating them. They’re still doing very well in our garden and we use them almost every single day.

However, despite being durable you still want to check in on them and see how everything’s going. For instance some of the perforations may not be spraying out or the water flow is a little bit softer than you typically expect. There are a few things you can do to check up on.

First Check Your Hose Spigot

Alright. So the first thing to check if you’re having kind of water flow issues with your Garden Grid™ is pretty basic. Make sure that your hose spigot is turned on all the way. I know it sounds kind of silly, but I’ve done it before so it’s always a good idea just to double check something like that just in case it’s a simple fix.

Second, Check Your Water Flow Valve

The next item is to make sure that your water flow valve, if you’re using one, is opened all the way. Our water flow valves are adjustable that way you can change the water flow to your current Garden Grid™ from a drip, to off, to a full stream depending upon your plant needs. So ensure this is open all the way, because if it’s partially closed no matter how much your hose spigot’s turned on, you’re still going to have restriction at this point. So open it up all the way.

Check Your Garden Grid’s Filter Screen

Alright. After ensuring that your water flow is turned all the way on and that your water flow valve is opened all the way. What you want to do is check the screen filter inside of your Garden Grid™. So, every single Garden Grid™ watering system has a built in mesh filter. And we put that on there to catch any debris that might be in your garden hose that would try to flow through to your irrigation system. So The Garden Grid™ has this built in mesh filter so nothing gets inside of the Garden Grid tubing. So go ahead and take a look inside see if there’s any debris that it’s caught for you. Clean it out. And reconnect.

Clean Off Any Blocked Holes

The last care item for your Garden Grid™ watering system is the least common but also really quick and easy to remedy. If you’ve been using your Garden Grid™ for a while and you notice that one of the holes/one of the water streams are slowing down and not spraying as they used to it might just need to be cleaned off. Since we use our durable tubing as opposed to emitters, it’s easy to clean it off with something like this, a basic scrub brush, and run it over the water stream holes to clear off anything that might be slowing down one of the water streams. Now if one of them is a bit more stubborn, you can also take something like this basic safety pin and just press it into the hole that is giving you a hard time. That’ll clear up anything that may be slowing down the water stream, but know that the Garden Grid has 16 water streams per square. So even if something like this does happen to you down the road, know that it’s not really going to affect any of your plants because you still have the rest of it covered, and it takes about just a couple of seconds to free it up anyway.


Alright and that’s it for Easy Growing Episode #17. Thank you all so much for watching. Overall, the Garden Grid™ watering system is a garden irrigation system that’s meant to be simple and carefree. We designed it so that way you don’t have to worry about any maintenance or problems that typically arise with something like a drip irrigation system. So, basically just lay it in your garden, connect your garden hose, make sure water is running and it should be good to go!

Thank you all so much. Have a great day!

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