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Tomatoes & Hot Weather Growing Zones

Many growing zones can enjoy tomatoes throughout the summer, but the high summer temps of zones 8b, 9 and 10 are usually too much for them.

Fortunately, the end of summer and beginning of fall provide opportunity to these higher temperature growing zones.

 Zone 8b can enjoy fall tomatoes by planting transplants in late August/early September.  Zones 9 & 10 can enjoy fall tomatoes by planting either seeds or transplants throughout September.

If you’re unsure of your growing zone, you can find it here.


What are Indeterminate Tomatoes?

Indeterminate tomato plants are larger, longer producing, have more variety, but typically require more management (see pruning below) than determinate tomatoes. If you look on your seed packet or transplants, it will usually tell you which they are.



You don’t have to, but pruning is generally recommended, especially in a raised garden/square foot garden for indeterminate tomatoes. It prevents them from taking over, helps provide better airflow for the plants, & concentrates the plant’s energy more to fruit production instead of excess branches.


 Tomato Plant Spacing & Watering Tips

Grow 1 plant per Garden Grid™️ square, keep seeds & transplants well watered, and soil consistently moist (no dry out, or over watering, tomatoes are sensitive 🍅).



Post your questions in the comments below and we’ll make a video to answer 🙌

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