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Watering Seeds & Seedlings

If you’re growing by seed, or have freshly sprouted seedlings, be sure to water daily! The planted seed & seedling root structure is very shallow & very sensitive to drying out.

The top layer of soil – where your seed or seedling’s roots are – dries out very quickly since it’s the most exposed to the sun & wind. Dry soil can quickly kill a seedling, so be sure to keep it moist! Watering daily, & in hot & dry climates sometimes 2-3x daily, is recommended until the plant is more mature (at least a couple inches tall or wide depending on what you’re growing) & its root structure more established. 

Once plants are more established, follow‘The 2 Inch Rule’ as a general guide to know if you need to water. Also, here’s how we typically water our gardens in Florida, plus tips for other regions.

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