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Small, Weird-Looking Bell Peppers

Why Do You Get Them & What Can You Do About It? 

Despite being a warm weather loving plant, too much heat while blossoms are forming can cause your bell pepper plants to produce smaller & unusual looking peppers. While the pepper is still fine to enjoy, it can be frustrating & of course underwhelming at harvest.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help manage this.

First – Water a little more often to keep your bell pepper’s roots a little cooler. This is a short-term strategy that can be helpful if you have an unexpected heat wave. It’s something we plan to do with our Garden Grid™ watering systems as fall begins, but summer temperatures still creep in.

Second – Wait for cooler weather. While they may still produce these unfortunate peppers, the bell pepper plants will stay alive. As summer nears its end & fall begins, cooler temperatures will prevail, giving your bell peppers an easier time.

Bonus Tip Add a shade covering. If you have plenty of direct sunlight & very high temperatures, put a shade cloth over your garden. A shade cloth can reduce temperatures up to 10 degrees. 🙌

We’re in growing zone 9 (in Florida) & we may not have temperatures drop below 80 degrees, even at night during summer. As fall approaches though, morning, afternoon, & night temps cool below 80 degrees giving our bell peppers a reprieve from the daytime heat.

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