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What’s a Cornerless Garden Grid™️?

Do you have a Raised Garden Bed w/ corner posts or round ends that would be in the way of the corner of the Garden Grid™ watering system?

We have a Garden Grid™️ modification for that!

🙌 Cornerless Garden Grids™️ 🙌

This option is available on all 2x, 3x, & 4x Garden Grid™️ sizes. Just select ‘cornerless’ from the corner options on the Garden Grid™ product page. 

If you don’t have a raised garden bed yet, consider ours! 🙌 We have All-In-One, Metal Raised Garden Beds w/ Garden Grid™ Watering Systems. No cornerless modification needed! 🙌

  • They have square ends instead of round
  • They’re super-corrosion resistant
  • They use food-safe coatings & hardware
  • And, we designed them to perfectly fit our Garden Grid™ watering systems.

You can check out our All-In-One Metal Garden Kits here.


*Update: Cornerless is now available on all 2x, 3x, & 4x sizes.This option is selectable on the Garden Grid™ page now. No notes are needed! An updated video reflecting this is coming soon!

Garden In Minutes® is all about making it easier for you to grow your best garden!

From our patented Garden Grid™ watering systems to our long-lasting Metal Raised Garden Beds; our gardening products are loved by tens of thousands of gardeners across the U.S.!

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