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About Us

Meet the passionate team behind Garden In Minutes®!

Our Story

It all started with our founder and super gardener, Theresa. After years of traditional row gardening, spending hours digging, weeding, watering and having little success, a friend introduced her to square foot gardening. With her prior growing struggles, she was excited to try something new. After one growing season using the square foot gardening method, Theresa tripled her garden’s output and fell in love with this new style of growing.

After designing several prototypes they came up with the Garden Grid™ watering system that you see today. The Garden Grid™ allowed for evenly partitioned their planting area, provided gentle watering, didn’t damage plant foliage as hand held sprayers and sprinklers often did, and even conserved some water.

Meet The Team

Theresa Traficante

Theresa Traficante

Co-founder and Super Gardener

Tom Traficante

Tom Traficante

Co-founder and Designer

Bryan Traficante

Bryan Traficante

Co-founder and Communications Director

 Our Founders 

Theresa is the green thumb of GardenInMinutes and provided the inspiration for the Garden Grid™ watering system. With decades of gardening experience ranging from the temperate climate of New Jersey to the tropical climate of South Florida, Theresa has grown nearly everything in her gardens. Around GardenInMinutes she’s known for her unrivaled homemade cooking – of course using ingredients grown in her garden. Besides gardening, Theresa loves hiking, skiing, going to the beach, and spending time with her husband Tom and two children Bryan and Peter.

Tom is the inventor and engineer of the Garden Grid™ watering system and creator of our modular raised garden beds.  His manufacturing engineering background is hard to miss as he rattles off how machines function, or the best packaging method and dimensions for each product.  When not designing or re-engineering better ways to garden, he too loves the outdoors, hiking, skiing and swimming.  Auto restoration is his favorite hobby, loving the simplicity – and occasional electrical challenges – of his classic British cars.  A yellow 1970 Lotus is the love in his life, after Theresa of course!  His sons Bryan and Peter are his pride and joy, not to mention the lucky recipients of his unrivaled “dad jokes”.

Bryan is the energetic and relentless big picture guy.  He rattles off greener ways of doing things, podcasts to inspire us, blogs to read….the list goes on and on.  As our Communications Director he creates new content, is the main point of contact to our guests (that’s you!), builds partnerships, manages our digital footprint, and leads our all around communication strategy.  You’ll often see him responding to you on our Facebook page and to reviews/comments you leave. Always the athlete and somewhat of a health nut, he was a competitive swimmer, played water polo at FSU, enjoys most sports, hiking, snowboarding, surfing, and he goes to the gym daily….we’re not sure if he sleeps…  Let’s not forget he’s married to the love of his life, Morgan, who bakes some fabulous cookies—his healthy diet weakness! 

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