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The Best Quality, Meets Effortless Assembly.

Garden In Minutes® is all about making gardening effortless without sacrificing quality. We take the time & effort out of building your own garden, so you can enjoy planting and growing instead! 


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Easy Setup

Everything at Garden In Minutes® comes preassembled or assembles in minutes!

Unmatched Quality

1,000s of customers agree, they love gardening with us!

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1. Assembling Our Raised Garden Beds

Our Metal Raised Garden Beds have been designed to last and make assembly easy.

To setup, you simply connect the panels, corners, & support rods (if used) together by hand with the included hardware. Tighten the hardware with the included tools, & top it off with our hand-friendly safety edging. 

10 in 1 Metal Garden Bed Category Image

2. Fill The Raised Garden Bed

Fill your Garden In Minutes® Raised Garden Bed with your favorite soil. Each garden bed comes with a chart showing you how much soil to add. We also list how much in the product details area!

10 in 1 Metal Garden Bed Category Image

3. Add The Garden Grid™

To make watering and plant spacing easy, we created the Garden Grid™ watering system – the first ever garden watering system and plant spacing guide, in one!

  • Simply push the pre-assembled sections together
  • Lay it on top of your garden’s soil
  • Connect your garden hose (or any water supply with a garden hose threaded connector) to your Garden Grid™ & turn on your water.
  • No tools needed! In less than a minute, it’s ready!
Metal Raised Garden Kit with Garden Grid (4x4)

4. You’re Ready to Plant!

After a few simple steps and a couple of minutes, your Garden In Minutes® garden is ready for the fun part – planting! Included with your order is our plant spacing guide for over 60 plants! You can also find it here. Plant your seeds or plants, turn on your water and you’re growing your best garden… in minutes!

Let's Grow Together!

No more complicated assembly, no more cumbersome construction, no more worrying if your plants are getting watered.

Let's grow your best garden in minutes!

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