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Questions About Orders & Shipping

How fast is your shipping?

Most orders arrive in 1-6 business days. We partner with UPS & USPS for secure and timely delivery of all orders.  We utilize ground shipping, which typically delivers packages within 1-4 business days, after processing (1-2 days), depending upon your location.

Also, for added convenience you will receive an email with tracking information so you can see how close your order is!

*During Spring, processing times may be extended due to high order volume.

Where Can I Track My Order?

When your order ships, you will receive an email with your order tracking number. Orders marked as Processing have not shipped yet. Most orders are delivered to you in 1-6 business days.

*Processing times may be extended due to high order volume. A notice with expected processing times will be posted at all points of shopping if this is the case*

Are payments secure?

Yes! Transaction security and buyer confidence is of an utmost importance to us.

All sensitive and private data exchanged between our site ( and its users happens over a SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures.

Where do you ship?

We ship to the contiguous 48 states in the U.S. nd Canada!

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! All of our products are available to ship to Canada. During the standard checkout process, any applicable duties and taxes will be applied. All shipments are DDP (delivered duties paid), meaning your order will ship straight to your delivery address from our warehouse.

Do you ship to AFO/APO or PO Boxes?

Unfortunately our carrier UPS does not ship to APO/AFO/PO Box addresses.

Can I Get Cash Back From My Gift Card?

Gift cards are non-returnable and do not carry a cash value. Gift cards can only be used to purchase merchandise on the Garden In Minutes® website.

What is your return policy?


You can find our return policy here

We want to make sure you love gardening with our products and we’re happy to help you find the best solution to make that happen! Always be sure to contact our team prior to requesting a return to see how we can help!

What is your privacy policy/terms & conditions?

Questions About The Garden Grid™

Can I Connect My Garden Grid to ...XYZ

You can feed water to the Garden Grid from nearly any water source. The most common of course is a garden hose from your spigot.

If you want to feed water to your Garden Grid from your sprinkler system or existing irrigation you can too. You will just need to ensure your system has a garden hose adaptor. These are common items at most hardware stores, made to fit your specific system. From this adaptor you can simply run a garden hose to your Garden Grid, or connect your Garden Grid to it directly.

If you need a short garden hose to make the connection, we make them to any length you need! From 1ft+ you can find them here.

Will The Garden Grid™ Fit In My Garden Bed? It Measures...

We size Garden Grids™ to fit the interior dimensions of most gardens, accounting for garden bed material thickness. 

To know which Garden Grid™ will fit your garden bed, reference the overall size of a Garden Grid™ in our product details and in the produce title. E.G. A 4×4 Garden Grid™ measures ~44″x~44″. 

If your garden bed is larger than any single Garden Grid™ size, you can connect multiple Garden Grids™ together with our multi-Garden Grid™ connection manifold!

Important Tip: To ensure the best fit of a Garden Grid™ always fill your garden bed to the very top with soil. 

Can The Garden Grid™ be used in my existing raised garden beds?

Yes! The Garden Grid™ can be used in raised garden beds or at ground level. Please refer to the dimensions of the Garden Grids™ on the product page to see which size is the best fit for your raised garden bed!

How Complicated is Assembly?

You can assemble any of our raised beds or Garden Grid™ watering systems by hand in minutes. That’s why we’re called Garden In Minutes®!

All of our raised garden beds assemble in just a few minutes by sliding the board ends together and inserting a connecting pin though a predrilled hole. That’s it!

The Garden Grid™ watering system ships to you in pre-assembled sections that you simply press together by hand! Any size is ready to use in about a minute!

What is The Garden Grid™ made of?

All Garden Grid™ watering systems are primarily made of LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) tubing and ABS plastic fittings. LLDPE is a material commonly used for water lines in things like water purification systems. The Garden Grid™ watering system is all-season durable and designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from cold frozen winters to hot desert summers.

Can you connect The Garden Grid™ to a rain barrel?

The Garden Grid™ watering system requires a minimum of 10psi to operate to its full ability. If your rain barrel is elevated enough (approx. 25 ft), you should be fine. If not, a pump is recommended. Learn more about this here, in our rain barrel video.

Can I Connect Just One Garden Grid™ To A Manifold?

Yes! Each connection side of the manifold (the green parts on the top) has water control valves. These valves let you turn water on/off and all points between, for either connection side of the manifold. So if you want, you can have one Garden Grid™ connected to one side of the manifold and the other green connection point unused.

This comes in handy if you have multiple garden beds that only need one Garden Grid™, but the beds are spaced apart.

How Do I Interconnect Garden Grids™ That Are Spaced Apart, Using The Manifold?

The bottom of each manifold has an inlet and outlet for garden hoses. Connect a garden hose to the outlet side (capped side) and feed it to your other garden. Connect to another multi-Garden Grid™ connection manifold, or directly to a Garden Grid™.

Questions About Our Raised Garden Beds

How much soil do the raised garden beds/kits take to fill?

All of our raised garden bed layouts list an approximate volume of soil needed in the product details. As a general guide, for every 4×4×17″ tall area you will need approximately 22 cubic feet of soil.

What can you plant in Raised Garden Beds?

You can grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in our Raised Garden beds. Tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, green beans, corn, peppers, basil… The list goes on and on!

Here’s a list of 60+ plants and their spacing needs.

Can You Use Your Metal Garden Beds In Hot Climates?

Of course! They actually perform better in the heat than most other garden materials. Here’s a video of us testing them in our home state of Florida on a hot summer day.

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