How to Check if Your Garden Is Getting Enough Water

It’s an easy test, with an easy answer. 

Most garden vegetables enjoy consistently moist soil so their roots can have a ‘drink’ as needed. But the surface of your garden’s soil will dry out first, so knowing if the soil beneath has enough moisture to support your plants isn’t easy to tell by just looking at it. So, instead of looking for moisture, you can feel for it.

Dig your index finger into your garden’s soil about 2″ deep. If you feel moisture in the soil on the tip of your finger, you garden can wait for watering. If the soil feels dry, turn on your Garden Grid™️ watering system and give your garden a drink 💧

**One caveat is for seeds and seedlings. Keep them consistently moist (watering almost daily) to ensure the seeds can germinate and new tiny roots can establish themselves.** 

Questions? Post them in the comments below! 

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