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Video Transcript:

On this episode, I’m planting watermelon in our raised garden bed and giving you tips on how to do it well!

Hi everyone, I’m Bryan Traficante and this is Easy Growing Ep. 28. On today’s episode I’m going to be planting watermelon in our raised garden bed and giving you some tips on plant spacing, companion plants and things like that. That way your watermelon turns out as best as possible.

Watermelon Plant Spacing

So, watermelon first off is one of the unique plants for a raised garden bed and planting in the Garden Grid™ watering system in that it requires two squares for every plant that you grow. Basically, the way that you go to plant watermelon is by planting in a checkerboard pattern in your Garden Grid™ watering system. The reason being is that watermelon grows quite a bit! It has lots of viney branches and things like that, which will take up a lot of space and of course the fruit that it produces needs a lot of space to settle as well.

Watermelon Companion Plants & Non-Companions

For companion plants, you’re going to want to plant it with things like radishes, lettuces & then avoid things like cucumber, zucchini, and basically anything in the melon family. Basically they make it difficult for the plants to grow and mature and can attract diseases. So, keep melons away from other melons, cucumber, and zucchini.

Watermelon Seasonal Timing

Then when it comes to timing, you’re going to want to plant watermelon when your temperature is warm outside. It likes soil temperatures to be (at least) around 70 degrees so if you’re in the summer or if you’re in the south and it’s spring now is a great time to plant watermelon. The soil temperature should be above 70 degrees for most everyone and you can go ahead and plant and basically give it around 80 to 90 days for the plant to fully mature until you can start harvesting your watermelon.

Let’s Plant!

So, let me go ahead and I’ll take you over to our garden and I will show you how we go about planting watermelon in the Garden Grid™ watering system

…Dialogue ends and video time-lapse begins.

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