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The Garden Grid™ Watering System – 3×8



A Garden Irrigation System and Planting Grid, in one!

  • Pre-Assembled To Save Time
  • Grid Layout & Spacing Guide For Easy Planting
  • Surrounding Streams Ensure All Plants Get Water

From drip irrigation to full-stream watering, our patented Garden Grid™ watering system provides you fully-adjustable water flow and square planting sections for your garden, allowing you to plant evenly, more efficiently and with less effort.

Traditional garden irrigation systems such as drip lines and soaker hoses can take hours to set up and they’re notorious for uneven watering. Traditional plant spacing grids can also take hours to setup and don’t serve a purpose after planting is done. The Garden Grid™ watering system however comes in pre-assembled sections, waters your entire garden area, and doesn’t require any cutting, measuring materials, gluing or perforating. In fact, it doesn’t require any tools at all! Ready to use in minutes, The Garden Grid™ reaches all plants with its water streams, is built to last and brings simplicity to your garden.

All Garden In Minutes® products are crafted and assembled by our team in the U.S.A. with an unwavering passion for quality and convenience. At Garden In Minutes®, we are a family of gardeners building better tools for gardening!

The Garden Grid™ watering system – 3×8 features and info:
  • 24 planting and watering sections.
  • Ground level garden irrigation system and planting guide in one.
  • Full user control of water flow – from drip irrigation to a full stream.
  • Internal mesh filter keeps The Garden Grid™ free of debris from incoming water.
  • Made using FDA-approved, UV-Resistant material, commonly used in water purification systems.
  • Can be used at ground level or in a raised garden bed!
  • Assembled Size: ~33.5″ x 88″
    • Each planting square approx.– 11″ x 11” (includes tube thickness)
  • No tools required – quick 5 piece assembly, lay it in your garden and start planting!
  • Link Multiples Together! 3-4 3×8 Garden Grid™ watering systems can run simultaneously on average (~35 PSI) household water pressure (More with higher pressure). Endlessly interconnect them (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.) and turn each Garden Grid™ on/off individually with our Multi-Garden Grid™ Connection Manifold and custom length garden hoses. *sold separately*


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