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On this episode, I’m discussing fast growing cold-tolerant vegetables that you can start planting now to get a jump-start on your spring garden.

Hi everyone, I’m Bryan Traficante from and this is episode 21 of Easy Growing. On today’s episode we’re going to be covering fast growing vegetables that you can plant early on in your spring season or later in your winter season, to kind of get a jump-start on your garden as we go into the most popular gardening time of year, spring. So, some of these plants are basically going to be the ones that can mature the fastest and can also tolerate unexpected spurts of cold during the upcoming weeks and months as we get closer to your ideal time of spring and early summer gardening.


Alright, so the first plant is Kale. Kale is a frost tolerant plant that can mature in 50-70 days. To plant it in your garden you’re going to utilize 1 square foot (per plant) which is about 1 Garden Grid watering system square.


Alright, the next plant is going to be one of the fastest to maturity and that’s Turnips. Turnips can mature in 30-60 days. They’re a cold-tolerant plant and they’re unique in that their root and their leaves are both edible. To plant them you’re going to have somewhere between 6-9 plants per Garden Grid watering system square, depending upon the varietal that you select.


Alright, the next plant is spinach. Spinach is also a very fast maturing plant. Ready to harvest in about 35-45 days. You’re going to plant 9 plants per Garden Grid watering system square and what’s great about spinach is that you can continually harvest it over time for about a couple of weeks. As you cut back the leaves and use them, more chutes will sprout up that you can continue to harvest as well.

Sugar Snap Peas

Alright, our next plant is sugar snap peas. They mature in about 55-75 days. You’re going to plant about 8 per Garden Grid square and what’s really cool about sugar snap peas is that you can either cook them or eat them right off the plant themselves. They’re good either way.


The last plant that we’d recommend are radishes. Depending upon the varietal you can harvest them in 30-70 days. Similar to turnips, you can eat the leaves and the root. For this plant they have a bit of a tighter spacing need. So you’re going to plant between 12-16 per Garden Grid watering system square.


In Short:

Alright and that’s it for Easy Growing Episode #21, thank you all so much for watching. To get a jump-start on your garden and grow some fast-growing, cold-tolerant plants you’re going to want to try out some radishes, turnips, sugar snap peas, kale and spinach.
Alright, that’s it thank you all so much for watching, we’ll see you next time!

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