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What’s the minimum and maximum PSI needed for Garden Grids™? Are pressure reducers needed? What about using rain barrels?

GIM Co-Founder, Bryan answers below.

Min & Max PSI For Garden Grids™

Garden Grids™ are designed to simplify garden irrigation. When creating them we wanted to get rid of complicated or problematic aspects of traditional garden irrigation systems. Traditional irrigation, such as drip lines or soaker hoses, often have a max PSI of 25. If that’s exceeded, they can burst or leak. However, most homes have a PSI of 35-70… meaning you would have to use a pressure reducer with your drip line or soaker hose for them to work, but that also meant slower and more limited water distribution for your garden.

We thought this was over-complicated and limiting, so we designed The Garden Grid™ to work with a wide range of PSI so reducers and concerns of bursting lines were no more. In terms of a max PSI, The Garden Grid™ doesn’t really have one for home and even light commercial uses. After years of testing, the max PSI and volume output of homes and many light-commercial uses don’t come near any burst point of the Garden Grid™.

If the Garden Grid™ gets more water than needed, it will just spray really far. For that, all you need to do is adjust your hose spigot handle, or the valve handle on our Garden Grid Manifolds to reduce the volume of water going to them.

The minimum recommended PSI is 10 PSI from a standard-size garden hose. This will still allow you to adjust water output from drip irrigation to full-stream watering on a single Garden Grid™. However, this typically comes into play only with gravity-fed water supplies, such as rain barrels.

For every 2.31 ft of elevation between the top of your rain barrel water line to the point of exit (your garden) will add 1 PSI. Unless you have a lot of elevation difference between the two, you won’t have much PSI. For that, a sump pump is recommended. A 1/3 HP sump pump is plenty to give you enough PSI and volume output to comfortably water with multiple Garden Grids™ at the same time. 

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