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One of our most popular questions! There are a few factors. Bryan explains in the video below.

What Determines This?

When it comes to water distribution, volume is crucial. Volume depends on the water supply’s pressure (PSI) and the diameter of the distribution item. Most homes have a PSI of 35-70, and hose spigots usually have a 1/2″ or 3/4″ pipe. Connecting something that is a smaller diameter line to your hose spigot, will reduce the maximum water volume for your garden. For example, standard garden hoses are 5/8″ in diameter, providing nearly 57% more volume than a 1/2″ irrigation line.

Accessories like timers, in-line filters, and pressure reducers can decrease volume. High-flow timers or those without a narrow connector are preferable. In-line filters and pressure reducers reduce PSI and volume and they’re not necessary or recommended for use with the Garden Grid™. The Garden Grid™ comes with a built-in water filter screen to keep debris out and is designed to work with various PSI ranges, eliminating the need for extra components.

Learn More: Minimum and Maximum PSI For Garden Grids™

How Many Garden Grids™ We We Run In Our Garden?

Our garden has a 3/4″ water supply line, with 65 PSI, going into a hose spigot, with our custom-length garden hoses attached. With this setup, we are able to comfortably run (5) 4×8 Garden Grids™ and (4) 2×8 Garden Grids™ with a moderate strength water stream (~3-4″ water streams) all at the same time.

How Many Garden Grids™ Can You Run At Once?

Since there are a few variables to consider, we conservatively say that with 35PSI going to a standard-size garden hose, without anything restricting water flow, you can comfortably run 5-6 4×4 Garden Grids™ at the same time or the equivalent 2-3 4×8 Garden Grids™.

With a 65PSI supply, going to a standard-size garden hose, without anything that is restricting water flow, you can comfortably run 11-12 4×4 Garden Grids™ at the same time or the equivalent 5-6 4×8 Garden Grids™.

What Should You Do If Your Water Supply Can’t Run All Of Your Garden Grids™?

Simple! Group them into the amount of Garden Grids™ that your water supply can support and turn each group on individually. Using something like our 2-way or 4-way hose splitters makes doing this easier. Or, you can simplify further by using a multi-port garden hose timer to automate the groups turning on.

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