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Metal Raised Garden Beds Assembly + 10 Tips To Make It Easy

🌱 Setting up our Metal Garden Beds is straightforward & easy. Connect the panels, corners, & support rods (if used) together by hand with the included hardware. Tighten the hardware with the included tools, & top it off with our hand-friendly safety edging. 

Assembly time varies based on the configuration you’re making, but even our largest 32″ Tall, Metal Raised Garden Bed sizes can be assembled in about 55 minutes.

You can find our Metal Raised Garden Bundles Here. If you just want our metal raised garden beds without Garden Grids™, you can find all of our raised garden bed sizes here.

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Garden In Minutes® is all about making gardening easier!

Our #1 rated, Garden Grid™ watering systems and long-lasting, Metal Raised Garden Beds make gardening easy with effortless design & trusted quality.

Tap below to explore our gardening solutions & let’s start your best garden in minutes!

Raised Garden Bed Bundles w/ Irrigation
Garden Grid watering systems

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