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No Hose? No Problem.

If you don’t have a hose spigot near enough to your garden, can you connect Garden Grids™ to your sprinkler or irrigation system, instead? Yes, you just need something to thread the Garden Grid’s hose connector onto. However, there’s one very important nuance to this.

That nuance is… thread types.

Typically a Garden Grid™ or a Garden Grid™ Manifold would attach to a garden hose coming from your hose spigot. Garden hoses and hose spigots all use what’s called garden hose thread.

In the world of irrigation/sprinkler system connectors though, you will come across two types of threads when trying to add a connector to supply water to other things. Those two thread types are garden hose thread and pipe thread.

Garden hose thread and pipe thread look similar, but they are not the same. Meaning, if you try to connect something with pipe thread to a garden hose, The Garden Grid™, or a Garden Grid™ Manifold, it won’t work.

You may be able to partially connect one to the other. However, this won’t create a good seal, even if you use pipe tape (which you don’t need to do with a garden hose connection), and will lead to water spraying out of the connection. Doing this can also lead to damaging the threads of one item or the other.

So, to use your irrigation or sprinkler system as a water supply you need to add, or be sure that your system already has, a garden hose threaded connector. If you already have a pipe-threaded connector coming off of your irrigation/sprinkler system, then you will simply need to add a pipe thread to garden hose thread adaptor. An adaptor like this may say something like 1/2″ MPT to 3/4″ MHT (similar to the adaptor shown in the video).

  • Garden hose thread is typically labeled: MGHT and FGHT. Or MHT and FHT. (M stands for male and F for female).
  • Pipe thread is typically labeled: MNPT and FNPT. Or MPT and FPT

At the garden hose threaded connector, you can simply attach your Garden Grid™ or Garden Grid™ Manifold if they can reach it. If they can’t, simply attach one of our short hoses from the connector/adaptor and feed that over to your garden. Once connected, turn on your water and start gardening!

Tip: If you are supplying water to your Garden Grids from a sprinkler or irrigation line, and you’re not using a Garden Grid™ Manifold, be sure to use a water flow valve with your Garden Grid™. Since you don’t have a hose spigot handle to control water flow, adding the valve will give you the same type of control.

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