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Assembling A Garden Grid™️: Here’s how it works using our 2×5 Garden Grid™ as an example.

You Can Learn More About The Garden Grid™ Manifold Here, How The Riser Tube Works Here, & Features of The Water Feed Tube Here

Setting up a Garden Grid™ watering system only takes about a minute. Once you’ve unpacked everything always reference your instructions since some  Garden Grid™ sizes have different amounts of pre-assembled sections. Setup in a clean area & get started!

The assembly process is simple, you just push & wiggle the open tubes of one section onto the brown fittings of the next section, eventually forming your Garden Grid™! Once connected together, the next step is to attach the water feed tube (which is what connects to your garden hose/Garden Grid™ manifold if you’re using one) or to attach the trimmable riser if needed and then your water feed tube. The video above has a great explanation of this.  After that’s attached, simply connect your garden hose & turn on your water! You’re done & you now have a full-coverage garden watering system & plant spacing guide to help you grow your best garden for years to come!

Garden In Minutes® is all about making it easier for you to grow your best garden!

From our patented Garden Grid™ watering systems to our long-lasting Metal Raised Garden Beds; our gardening products are loved by tens of thousands of gardeners across the U.S.!

Tap below to explore our gardening solutions & let’s start your best garden in minutes!

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