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Soil Filled To The Top Of Your Garden, Or Not…The Garden Grid™ Fits!

All of our Garden Grid™ watering systems feature a pivoting water feed tube connection point and a trimmable riser so it can lay perfectly flat in any garden!

– Here’s How –

If your raised garden bed IS NOT filled to the top with soil, twist the pivoting water feed tube connection point upward, trim the riser to the height needed, attach it to the connection point, and then connect your Garden Grid’s water feed tube to the brown fitting on the riser.

If your raised garden IS filled to the top with soil, then the riser doesn’t need to be used. You simply connect the water feed tube to the water feed tube connection point, and you’re done!

To See The Garden Grid™ Assembly From Start To Finish, Watch Here

The riser & pivoting connection point are standard & included with all of our Garden Grid™ watering systems & Raised Garden Kits. So, whether your raised garden’s soil is filled to the top or not, the Garden Grid™ can be the perfect watering system to help you grow your best garden!

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. When did this new feature begin?
    • All Garden Grids™ ordered from 1/11/23 onward and all Garden Grids™ included in Pre-Ordered Metal Raised Garden Kits will include this feature.
  2. I have existing Garden Grids, can I convert mine?
    • You can if you want to but it isn’t necessary. We have conversion components available, but each Garden Grid™ size needs something different and some sizes are more difficult to convert than others. Email us your order number and the Garden Grids™ that you want to convert & we can help figure out the best option.
  3. Will original Garden Grids™ & Garden Grids™ with risers still work with The Garden Grid™ Manifold?
    • Yep! They are completely compatible.
  4. How long is the riser tube to begin with?
    • The riser tube is 6″ long. So as long as your garden soil is within half of a foot from the top of your garden it can make the perfect fit. We strongly recommend having your soil at no more than 6″ from the top of your raised garden bed to prevent shadows from garden bed walls preventing growth, or the walls preventing good air circulation, and of course to take advantage of your raised garden bed’s purpose of giving you a controlled growing medium for plants!
  5. Is there a price difference? Do I need to order this separately?
    • Nope! This new feature is included at no extra cost with all Garden Grid™ watering systems.

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