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Here’s How It Works & Features

The water feed tube on the Garden Grid™ is the tube and hose swivel assembly that extends outward and has a connection to your water supply.

Instead of having a fixed point on the Garden Grid™, the water feed tube provides you the ability to move the connection toward your supply so you can avoid awkward connecting angles.

It can rotate 360 degrees. So, if you have a tall or short garden it can swing to the desired angle for an easy connection to a garden hose, an irrigation system adaptor, or our multi-Garden Grid™ connection manifold.

Lastly, the white hose swivel portion of the water feed tube has a built-in water filter screen and water flow regulating disk to help keep your Garden Grid™ flowing smoothly and better balanced 🙌

Connecting to Something Other Than A Garden Hose (Drip Line, Sprinkler, etc.)

To connect a Garden Grid™ to your irrigation system or existing drip line, you would just need to add a garden hose threaded adapter to your irrigation system/drip line. *If connecting from a drip line, ensure it is .5″ or larger in diameter so water flow isn’t too restricted*. Then either connect the Garden Grid’s™ white hose connector directly to that adapter (if it can reach) or connect one of our short garden hoses from the adapter to the Garden Grid™. We also recommend adding a water flow valve to the Garden Grid™ so you can manage how much water sprays out since with this setup you won’t have a hose spigot handle that you can typically adjust.  You can find our short hoses and valves here.

Garden hose adaptors come in various sizes and types based on what you’re trying to supply water from. Your local plumbing supply or home improvement store should have everything you need! Bring them a picture and sizes of your irrigation/drip line and tell them what you’re planning to do. The water output of a Garden Grid™ is variable, but for reference, our largest size, The 4×8 Garden Grid™ has a water output of ~3-4 gallons per minute if you run it at a moderate water stream strength (~3-4″ water streams). You can find the output of all Garden Grid™ sizes here. 

Questions? Post them in the comments below! 

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