“How Did You Equalize The Pressure (Across The Garden Grid™)”

Answer Overview: The Garden Grid™ is an open system on the inside so water can flow from one tube to the next. The system fills with water and once full, the pressure balances through the system giving you even watering from square to square. Just make sure to keep your Garden Grid™️ is relatively flat and every square will distribute a similar amount of water. 

“How Do You Control Pressure & Can You Use a Water Tank As a Supply?” 

Answer Overview: You can control water flow for the Garden Grid™ in a variety of ways. From our multi-Garden Grid™ connection manifold, adding a single-flow valve, or just from your spigot.

Water tanks are fine to use as a supply for your Garden Grid™. We recommend adding a sump pump to them though so you can have more PSI. Here’s a more in-depth explanation about this using a rain-barrel connection as an example. 

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