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Connecting All-In-One Raised Garden Bundles To Water At The Same Time

All of our All-In-One Raised Garden Bed Bundles (aka, Kits) come with our Metal Raised Garden Bed, Garden Grid™ watering system, & Garden Grid™ Connection Manifold.

The Garden Grid™ Connection Manifold is where your hose connections happen! At the base of the manifold is a side for your incoming garden hose to attach. The water will travel up the manifold & distribute water to the connected Garden Grid™. Also at the base of the manifold, is an accessory cap.

This accessory cap area is how you connect multiple All-In-One Raised Garden Bundle together so you can have them all run off of the same water supply! You can remove that cap & attach a standard garden hose in its place, then you attach the other end of that garden hose to your next All-In-One Raised Garden Kit’s manifold!

The water will be supplied to the Garden Grids™ in both raised gardens, the valves on the manifolds allow you to control the water output of each Garden Grid™ independently of the others (even shutting some off!), & you can repeat this process if you decide to expand your garden by adding another GIM All-In-One Raised Garden Bundle!

So, it’s quick & easy! Just attach hoses from the base of one manifold to the next, turn on your water, & now you can water all of your Garden In Minutes Raised Garden Bundles from the same single water source!

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Garden In Minutes® is all about making it easier for you to grow your best garden!

From our patented Garden Grid™ watering systems to our long-lasting Metal Raised Garden Beds; our gardening products are loved by tens of thousands of gardeners across the U.S.!

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