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Bryan shows you how we’re growing & harvesting eggplant into December.

If your climate isn’t right to grow eggplant in the fall, or you just want other options, here are some other plants that should be great for your fall garden.


Here’s How & Why We’re Growing Eggplant In Fall/Winter

Growing eggplant (and other fruiting vegetables) in fall and early winter may seem kind of strange. But in the right climate and conditions, it’s the perfect time!

The garden in this video in growing zone 9b (Orlando, FL) and fall is the perfect time because summer is just too hot for the fruit to set. By knowing your growing zone, you can plan around expected times of frost. In zone 9b, we shouldn’t expect frost until late December. Fruiting plants hate frost and most won’t even set fruit with temps below 50 degrees. So the milder temps of fall are a perfect time for them to flourish.
Growing zones 9, 10, & 11 can all grow and harvest eggplant during fall, with planting in August/September. Growing zone 8 can usually harvest until November and zone 7 into October. 🌱

If you don’t know your grow zone, we have a growing zone finder here. Just enter your zip code and it will tell you which zone you are in. Scoll down a little beneath that and there is a calendar giving you estimated frost dates for your zone. ✅

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