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Extra Sprouts: Thinning, Saving, & Transplanting

When growing by seed in your garden, it’s pretty common practice to plant multiple seeds so have a better chance of something germinating. Sometimes seeds don’t, so having a back up planted gives you better odds. But, sometimes all of the seeds germinate giving you the chance to grow more than you originally planned by transplanting the extra sprouts elsewhere in your garden 🙌

If the seedlings are too close together though, that may not be a viable option though and Instead you will need to thin (remove 😩) the seedling all together. So here’s some tips on how to do this and how to tell if the seedlings can or can’t be transplanted.

Tomatoes are grown 1 per Garden Grid™ watering system square (no more than two rows deep though!). For the plant spacing of 60+ other plants, check out our plant spacing guide here.

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